How I Went From Broke And Unemployed To Making Over $1,000 Per Day Thanks To The Wealthy Affiliate Program..

So there was this guy, I’m sure you’ve heard of him. His name was Samuel Clemens AKA Mark Twain and he said..

“The 2 most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why.”

Now I’m not saying I’ve had that second day yet but I feel like I’m getting closer to it.

Let me take you back a few months ago to one of the worst days of my life because that’s where my story begins..

I could barely look my parents in the eye on that sweltering summer afternoon as I carried my boxes back up to my old childhood bedroom.

I had lost my job as a warehouse manager a while before and couldn’t seem to find another job.

It wasn’t long before my money ran out and I couldn’t afford to pay the rent anymore.

So now I was out of money and had nowhere else to go.

I had to move back in with my parents.

Luckily my parents were kind enough to let me live rent free until I was able to find a job as a labourer for a local construction company.

I was up at 5am every morning and spent my days mixing cement, digging trenches and moving heavy stuff around.

And the pay was nothing to brag about.

I was 27 years old and had absolutely nothing to show for the 11 years of work since I had left school.

Friends my age were buying houses, having kids, running their own business.

And I was pretty much a bum.

And then one evening things really got to me when I was out having a beer after work with a few old school friends.

One of them had had a bad day at the office and when they thought I was out of earshot I heard him say..

“It could be worse though, at least I’m not broke and living with my parents like Will.”

And then my other “friend” laughed and nodded in agreement and it dawned on me that I was just a joke to them.

I went back to my parents house that evening feeling like crap.

The next thing I knew I was Googling ways to make money online.

It wasn’t long before I found a post on some forum from some guy saying that he was making $200 per day all thanks to the Wealthy Affiliate program.

Ok so now I was curious.

So I decided to create a Wealthy Affiliate account because it was free.

They give you the first chapter of the training for free and then you have to pay $19 to become a full member and get the rest of the training.

I’m not gonna lie, I knew nothing about affiliate marketing or making money online when I started.

But after going through the first chapter I began to learn and understand.

It’s all about traffic and conversions.

You get traffic to your website and make money when people buy through your affiliate link.

So with some of the very little savings that I had left I became a paid member. It was only $19, even I could afford that.

So over the next few days after work I went through all of the Wealthy Affiliate training material.

Even though I was completely knackered from work I forced myself to go through all the training in the spare few hours that I had of an evening.

It was encouraging that there were lots of people posting about their success inside the forum area so I got started myself.

The Wealthy Affiliate system is all about choosing a niche, building a website and then making sales when those visitors buy something through your affiliate links.

So I followed the training and I found a niche. A niche is just a specific topic that people are interested in.

For example weight loss isn’t a niche but getting rid of man boobs is..

There’s thousands and thousands of niches out there that you can build a site around and make money from.

So anyway I had chosen my niche, and the next step was to find a bunch of keywords to write content for.

We write content around specific keywords to get them ranked in Google to get traffic.

For example a keyword in the man boobs niche may be something like “how to get rid of man boobs fast.”

That’s something that people actually search in Google. So that’s a keyword.

I think I found around 50 keywords that I wanted to rank in Google for.

The next thing I needed to do was build a website. Thankfully the Wealthy Affiliate makes it easy with their website builder tool.

Even though I had no clue about building websites I was able to build one in less than an hour.

And thus began the task of writing content around those 50 keywords.

Now remember, I only had a couple of hours every day after work to do this internet stuff so I was only able to write one or 2 articles per day.

But in less than a month I had written an article for every single one of my keywords.

And before I knew it many of my articles were starting to rise to the top of Google and I was getting traffic to my website.

Real people were searching Google and reading my stuff.

It felt so weird being at work digging a trench knowing that somebody somewhere was Googling and visiting my website.

And then something strange happened.

I got home from work one day feeling completely wrecked. Before I went and had a shower I quickly logged onto my computer to check on my new internet business.

I’d been thinking about it all day.

I almost couldn’t believe what I saw next.

My website had gotten over 120 visitors that day, my best day yet.

It turned out that a few more of my articles had reached the top of Google.

Better Google rankings means more traffic..

But then things got even better.

I almost fell off my chair when I logged into my Clickbank account to see that I had made a sale as an affiliate for the product I was promoting on my website.

My first ever sale for $33.

Somebody had actually found my website in Google, read one of my articles and decided to buy my recommended product through my affiliate link.

But then things got really strange..

I went upstairs to have a shower feeling on top of the world. If I could make one sale then I could create more websites and make more sales.

For the first time in a long time I was optimistic and looking forward to the future.

As I went downstairs all cleaned up I just wanted to see my Clickbank account again so I logged in again to get another look at that $33.

But I had an absolute OMG moment when I logged in to see I had $66 in my account.

I’d made another sale while I was in the shower. Whaaat?!?

I was in shock and disbelief at what I was seeing.

Since that day of the 50 keywords that I targeted around 80% are on page one of Google and around 50% of them are in the top 3 getting visitors.

That website now gets around 200 visitors per day and makes around $150 per day.

And the cool thing is that I haven’t touched that website in months but it continues to get visitors and make money all on autopilot.

It makes money for me even when I’m asleep. Amazing right?

And it really wasn’t that difficult to do.

So now that I knew the Wealthy Affiliate program worked I just kept on following the system

Now that I was making $150 per day consistently I made the decision to quit my job as a labourer and do this full time.

So I created 2 new sites in different niches targeting over 300 keywords.

Every keyword is a potential money maker. Someone searches your keyword, reads your article and may purchase something that you recommend meaning you make money as an affiliate.

So 300 keywords is essentially 300 opportunities to make money.

I like to call it rank and bank. You rank at the top of Google and you make money.

Well anyway now that I was working for myself I started writing 5 articles per day and within 2 months I had written an article for all of my keywords.

Now this may sound difficult but it’s really not. I just write like I talk and the Wealthy Affiliate program teaches you how to write articles.

I sucked at English at school and I’m dyslexic so trust me if I can do it then you can too.

Anyway, the next couple of months while I was writing 5 articles per day went great.

I wanted to make more than $150 per day so I just prayed that these 2 new sites would be successful too.

Yeah, I was getting greedy. 🙂

Anyway over the next couple months the articles that I wrote starting popping up on Google for the keywords I was targeting just like before.

It was amazing. The Wealthy Affiliate system was working again which confirmed to me that the first site wasn’t just a fluke.

And just like before almost all of my articles started to hit page 1 one of Google and this sent tons of visitors my way.

As more visitors came to my site my income started to grow.

And before I knew it things started to get out of control..

So here’s my Wealthy Affiliate results..

So as you know I started off completely broke and living with my parents.

I then went through the Wealthy Affiliate training and created my first ever website targeting 50 keywords.

This website now makes me around $150 per day on average and I haven’t actually touched it in months..

So then I created 2 new websites in different niches targeting over 300 keywords and this is where things get crazy..

I’m not going to lie to you, I almost thought that my first website may have been a fluke but just like clockwork these 2 new websites started to rank in Google just like the first site.

The 3 websites combined now get almost 2,000 visitors per day! That’s 2,000 real people.

And out of those 2,000 people I am making on average around 28 sales per day as an affiliate.

The average commission is $30 so I can’t believe I’m actually writing this but I am now making around $840/day.

28 sales/day X $30 = around $840/day

That’s around $25,000 per month.

And what makes it even more amazing is that this money is now coming in on autopilot.

Today for example I woke up and had a coffee and checked my emails and my affiliate accounts to see that I had made money while I was sleeping.

And for the past few hours I’ve been writing this Wealthy Affiliate review yet I’ve still been making money from those 3 websites that I created.

It’s so strange because not only am I making a ton of money but I’m not actually doing anything.

Except that I am doing something..

Because with what I know now I can continue to build new sites or even target more keywords on the sites that I already have to grow them even bigger and make more money.

The cool thing is that there are literally thousands of niches out there and millions of keywords there’s just so much opportunity to make money.

I’ll share some niches with you further down this page in a minute.

It’s so simple.

You choose a niche
Find a bunch of low competition keywords
Write articles for those keywords
They rank in Google and get visitors
On your website you recommend a product as an affiliate
When someone buys the product through your link you make money

And you can do this over and over again.

Since I joined the Wealthy Affiliate program and have had success my life has changed completely.

I now have my own place to live again and it’s much nicer than anywhere I’ve lived before..


I get to wake up when I want and do as much or as little work as I feel like because my sites just keep on churning out money.

I bought myself a nice new car..


And it’s just so fun getting email notifications all the time telling you you’ve made a commission.


And to think..

Just 6 months ago I was digging trenches and was a laughing stock to everyone but now I can actually see myself becoming a millionaire within the next few years.

All I’m going to do is just keep on following the Wealthy Affiliate program and ranking and banking that moolah. 🙂

And listen I’m nothing special. I’m not super smart or talented but I do have one secret..

And that is I took action.

Even when I was working all day as a labourer and got home feeling like a wreck I still used my spare couple of hours in the evening to take action and work on this online stuff.

So that’s it simply learn the Wealthy Affiliate system and take action and I have no doubt that you will start making money too before you know it.

You’ll be surprised at how fast things happen. You’ll wake up one day and be like holy crap I’m at the top of Google, wow I got 100 visitors today, OMG I made 2 sales..

And things will just snowball from there.

So create your own free Wealthy Affiliate account here and you can get a taster of the program.

The real meat of the information comes when you upgrade to a premium member which only costs $19. It’s well worth it.

I was skeptical about paying the $19 at first and I shudder to think that I would still be mixing cement if I hadn’t taken that small leap of faith.
So good luck and if you have any questions then the Wealthy Affiliate forum is incredibly helpful or you can just leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to answer.

Also let us know in the comments section what your goal is, how much money do you need to change your life!

So that’s my story now I’m going to get into more details about the program.

So What Is The Wealthy Affiliate Program?

To put it simply it’s an online training course that teaches you how to make money as an affiliate marketer.

The main strategy is all about getting visitors from Google and then converting them into sales.


The first thing you need to do is choose an interest or a niche. Now I think a lot of people may make the mistake of choosing a niche that doesn’t have a lot of profit potential.

Seeing as you’re joining the Wealthy Affiliate program you want to make money right?

Well let’s be honest. If your chosen niche is something like taking care of hamsters then you’re not going to make a lot of money.

My advice when choosing your niche is to choose a niche that has a lot of profit potential.

Anything to do with health and wealth has a lot of profit potential.

And there’s many niches within the health and wealth markets.

Here’s a few niche ideas for you..

Man boobs.
Lose weight for a wedding.
Toenail fungus.

Any niche where there is desperation to solve a problem is a potential money maker.

The list really is endless.

Just because your interest is keeping guinea pigs that doesn’t mean you need to create a site about that because a site about keeping guinea pigs probably won’t make you much money.

But you may think. “I don’t know anything about getting rid of gout. How can I create a site around that?”

Well that’s easy, just use Google to see what’s already been written about getting rid of Gout and you could create your own site about it.

So anyway if you want to make money I think it’s important to find a niche that has some sort of desperation and people willing to spend money to solve their problem.

The next step is to find keywords that people are searching for but also don’t have a lot of competition in Google.

Let’s continue with the Gout example.

By the way if you don’t know what Gout is, it’s some nasty stuff and I hope nobody reading this ever gets it!

Anyway a keyword is something that someone searches in Google to find information.

For example people might be searching “How to get rid of Gout” into Google and that might get searched 20,000 time per month.

Wealthy Affiliate make it really easy to find good keywords with their awesome keyword tool.

You can literally find tons of keywords in just minutes.

So the next step after you’ve found a bunch of keywords is to create your website.

In the Wealthy Affiliate members area they have a site builder tool called Site Rubix that make it really easy to build your own website.

I mean you can get a site up in minutes.

After your site is up all you need to do then is fill it with content.

For every keyword that you found you will then write an article about that keyword.

For example if one of your keywords was “get rid of gout” then you could write an article called..
The 7 Best Ways To Get Rid Of Gout..

So if you found 50 keywords then you would need to write 50 articles but that’s not that difficult.

The more articles you write the more traffic you will get and the more money you will make.

Wealthy Affiliate premium members also get access to a helpful article writing tool to make the process quick and easy.

So this begs the question.. How do you make money?

Well that’s the easy part. Basically in every article you write you will recommend a product as an affiliate.

So what you would need to do is find a product in your niche that has an affiliate program and you link to it in your content.

When someone clicks through from your article and buys the product you recommend you will make a commission.

The more keywords you find and the more articles you write the more traffic and sales you will get.

If you can find a product that pays a $30 commission per sale then you only need to make 10 sales per day to make $300 per day!

Right now I’m making around 28 sales per day and I promote just 3 products and my average commission is about $30.

So that’s basically the Wealthy Affiliate system in a nutshell but inside the members area you’ll learn in a lot more detail exactly how to do all this and get the best results.

BIGWhat Else Do You Get As A Wealthy Affiliate Member?

The Wealthy Affiliate Forum – I actually think this is one of the best things about the W.A program as you get to mingle with other people who are also learning and doing the same stuff as you.

I like that everyone in there is so helpful and kind.

If you ever have a question or get stuck with something and need help then just post in the forum or the chat area and you’ll get help within minutes.

And for every lesson in the W.A program there’s discussions in the forum which are very helpful to read.

I actually think my favorite part section of the forum is the “SUCCESS” section where people are posting about their successes.

Everyday there’s people in there posting about how they’ve made their first sale or had their first $4,000 month..

Pic of amazon 4000

It’s very motivating to see all these others having success knowing that they’re learning the same thing you’re learning so if they can do it so can you..

Site Rubix – This is the Wealthy Affiliate programs website builder tool and it makes it super easy to create your own websites.

I knew nothing about building websites but even I was able to get mine up and running in no time at all.

You simply choose a name for your website, choose a theme and then add content.

There’s no coding or technical experience required.

The Wealthy Affiliate Article Writing Tool – Well this is a helpful little tool to help you write your content. You write your articles in here and it helps to make sure that you’re not over or under using your keywords.

The Keyword Tool


So this is what you’ll be using to find your keywords. Basically you enter in you main keyword for example “Gout” and it will spit out a bunch of related keywords that you can then write content for and make money from.

The Live Classes – Another thing that I enjoy and find helpful are the live classes that happen every week from expert trainers.

PIC of live class

There’s a new topic every week and the class lasts around an hour. You get to ask questions at the end.
In the members are there are a ton of recordings of past classes to get your started.

Everytime I attend a class I learn new stuff that I feel will help grow my online business.

It’s awesome that you get to learn live from real marketing geniuses and ask them questions.

It’s invaluable.

Ready Researched Keywords and Niches – Personally I preferred to find my own niches and keywords but as a premium member you get access to ready made keyword lists.

These are lists of keywords that get searched a lot in Google but have low competition so it won’t be difficult to rank, get traffic and make money.

These are provided pretty regularly so if you ever find yourself struggling for niche ideas then these will be helpful for you as a lot of the hard work is already done.

More advanced training – As well as the main system which I explained above, as you progress as an internet marketer you’ll find there is more advanced training in the Wealthy Affiliate members area.

You’ll learn about social media, PPC (pay per click), ecommerce and running your own business.

So I think that pretty much covers what the Wealthy Affiliate program is all about.

Now let’s move onto the pros and cons..

Let’s start with the cons..

You need premium to get the real info – I’ve seen a few people online asking if they can make money by just becoming a free member and not upgrading to premium.

I was a complete newbie when I first signed up to the W.A program so the free information on their site was helpful to me.

But you’re going to need to create a premium account if you want to learn the good stuff.

I can understand that your goal is to make money not spend it but at the end of the day Wealthy Affiliate isn’t a charity but luckily they only ask for $19 which is peanuts these days.

It can be overwhelming at first – There’s so much information in the members area that I was a little overwhelmed at first as I tried to take everything in.

My advice is to take your time. Don’t rush. Just go through it step by step in your own time. If you rush then you may feel overwhelmed and just say “nah, this isn’t for me.”

Whatever you do, don’t do that..

You’ll need to pay extra for your own domain name – O.K I’m doing my best but I’m struggling to find cons for the Wealthy Affiliate program. LOL.

One thing you’ll need to do is pay a bit extra for your own domain name.

You can create a free website with their SiteRubix website maker but the url will be something like so if you want your own url such as you will need to buy your own domain name for around $14 per year.

It’s all easy to set up inside the W.A program and I recommend getting your own domain name.

So now let’s move onto the pros..

Been around for a long time – The Wealthy Affiliate has been around since 2007 I think and some of the people that were there in 2007 are still around today!

People wouldn’t stick around that long if the program was rubbish or a scam.

The free account – I like that you can create a free account first so you can see what it’s all about before you decide to upgrade to premium.

I think Kyle and Carson (the owners of W.A) as so proud of their program that they’re willing to let you get a taster for free.

You should definitely checkout the forum and see the success section as it’s motivating to see people having success.

Broken down step by step – Even though there’s a lot of information to get through it’s all broken down step by step into actionable steps.

For every section there are checkmarks for you to tick off.

These are tasks for you to complete.

When you’ve completed a task and ticked them all off you move onto the next chapter.

So it’s all broken down step by step so even if you’re completely new to internet marketing like I was you’ll find it easy to get through.

This also means that you can learn at your own pace. You’re not rushed at all.

Videos and text – There’s lots of videos showing you how to do stuff which I find very helpful.

The community – I think the community inside the Wealthy Affiliate members area is amazing. You’re surrounded by people learning the same stuff as you and everyone is so helpful.

You get to chat and learn from experts and ask them questions. You can get advice about your website or anything and they will help within minutes.

The community is one of the main reasons I’m still a member.

Even though I’ve had a lot of success with the program I still stick around because of the community and it’s good to have that support no matter how successful you become.

Plus I learn new stuff from people in the members are all the time in the chat.

It’s a great way to stay on top of the latest happenings in the internet marketing world and learn new systems and techniques.

The forum/chat area by itself is worth the price that you pay.

Even if they took all the training material away and just left the chat area I would still want to be a member for this alone.

No hidden costs – Apart from needing to buy a domain name which is pretty cheap you won’t need to buy anything else as a Wealthy Affiliate member.

Everything you need to make money is in the members area. All the tools and information is there for you.

The weekly videos – I mentioned this before but one thing I love about the W.A program is their commitment to helping you succeed.

Not only do they have the best training material already but they’re always adding new stuff and the live weekly training is excellent.

It’s just fun to learn something new every week and you get to ask questions at the end.

This week’s live session is all about …

Anyone can do it – I was broke and knew absolutely nothing about internet marketing or making money online and I worked full time as a labourer.

I only had a couple of hours every day after work when I was knackered to work on this stuff and in less than 6 months I went from broke to making over $800/day.

So if I can do it then so can you. Even if you only have an hour or 2 per day to spare you can do it.

And the cool thing is that when you start to make money you will then be able to become your own boss and then you can dedicate more time to this online stuff and everything will snowball from there.

IT WORKS! The best thing I can say about the Wealthy Affiliate program is that it works if you follow the system.

All I did was go through the training material and follow the tasks that they gave me and I started seeing success very quickly.

Then I just repeated what I learned again and again and now I’m making more money that I ever thought possible.

So if you are willing to put in some effort and dedicate yourself to the system then you will see results too.

It won’t happen overnight and there may be times when you wonder if it’s going to work but before you know it you’ll wake up one day and see that you’re site is at the top of Google getting traffic and making sales and then you’ll be like “OMG, it really does work!”

And trust me it’s an amazing feeling when you start seeing sales come in and knowing that your website is making money for you while you sleep!

The Wealthy Affiliate FAQs

So below I’m going to try my best to answer some of the questions I’ve seen asked about the W.A and also answer some of the questions I think people may have.

Who is the W.A program for? It’s pretty much for anyone who wants to learn how to make money online.

It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, what you look like, where you come from or any of that stuff.

Your background doesn’t matter. If you want to learn how to make money online then the Wealthy Affiliate is for you.

Do I need to become a premium member to succeed? Although you will learn a lot with the W.A free basic membership the real meat of the information is in the premium area. It only costs $19 for your first month so it’s very cheap compared to what you get.

I’m a complete beginner. Will it work for me? I actually think it may be beneficial if you are a complete beginner because you get to learn from scratch.

The W.A program is definitely for beginners. I should know as I was a complete newbie when I started.

How long will it take to see results? That’s really difficult to say. It depends on how much time and effort you put into it.

One thing I know for sure though is if you follow the system and apply what you learn then I believe you will get results.

The sky really is the limit on how much money you can make too. The affiliate marketing industry is worth something like 8 billion per year so there’s countless niches and opportunities for us all to make money.

I work full time so I don’t have a lot of time to work on my online business. Can I still make money? If you can spare an hour or 2 per day at a minimum then you can do this. You just need to be consistent and stick with it.

English isn’t my first language. Does that matter? I think as long as you can understand English then you should be able to get through the program fine.

Are there any other costs? None, apart from you may want to buy your own domain name which only costs about $14 or something.

How exactly do I make money? It’s called affiliate marketing. You can actually promote other people’s products and make money.

Almost everything sold online from digital ebooks to fishing rods have an affiliate program.

On your website you will post what’s called an affiliate link that links to the product you are recommending. When someone buys that product after clicking your link you will receive a commission anywhere from 5% to 75%.

The cool thing about this is that you don’t need to have your own product as you can just promote other people’s.

One way to find products that you can promote as an affiliate is to search “keyword + affiliate” into Google.

For example if your website is about gout you would type “gout + affiliate” and then you will find products that you can sell and make money from.

Does the Wealthy Affiliate program really work? Yeah it does. It’s a training program that will benefit you for years to come.

It’s all about visitors and conversions. Getting visitors to your website and making sales. That’s how you make money and that’s what the W.A program teaches.

What you learn in the Wealthy Affiliate program is something that you can use for years to come.

I never went to college or university but thanks to the W.A I’m making a lot more money now than some of my friends combined and they went to uni.

So think of the W.A as an education that will benefit you for the rest of your life and won’t cost an arm and a leg like going to college would!

If you have any other questions then feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll reply asap.

How To Get The Best Results From With Wealthy Affiliate Program..

First of all I recommend going through the training program and following the tasks that they have set out for you.

That’s the best way to learn but here’s a few tips I have for you..

When it comes to writing your articles. Make sure that they are over 1,000 words each. I’ve found that articles over 1,000 words seem to rank better in Google.
When it comes to writing content there’s one thing that I would be without and that’s It basically plays background noise. I find that it really helps block out other thoughts. Here’s how I have Noisli setup for me..


When I try to write an article without Noisli I find my mind wanders but when I listen to it I can write much better. I set a timer to write for 45 minutes straight and then take a 15 minute break.

3.) The more keywords you write articles for the more traffic you will get. Don’t just write 5 articles and expect to make lots of money. Go after as many keywords as you can for a better chance of success.

4.) Choosing the right niche is so important. Here’s my rule for choosing a niche.. Health, Wealth and desperation..

Sure you can make a lot of money outside of these fields but there’s billions being spent in these markets.

B* People will spend money to improve their health when it is failing them.
B* People will spend money to make money. I spent money on the Wealthy Affiliate to learn how to make money!
B* People will spend money out of desperation. If someone has genital warts they will spend money to solve that problem out of desperation!

Here’s some niche ideas for you that I personally came up with! I hope you find them helpful..

Fear of public speaking. If someone has a speech coming up they will spend money to cure their fear!
How to seduce women.
Nail fungus.
yeast infections.
Anger management.
Man boobs.
Lose weight fast.
Acid reflux.
Back ache.
Stop snoring.
weight loss after pregnancy.
(There’s lots of sub niches when it comes to weight loss.)
Grow taller.
Bad breathe.
Stop sweating.
Teeth whitening.
Golfers elbow.
Conceiving a baby.
Paid surveys.
Affiliate marketing.
Stop smoking.
Body building.

O.K that’s your lot. Gotta keep some for myself. 🙂

But you get the idea.

Every one of the niches above has the potential to make you a LOT of money.

Hundreds or even thousands per day!

So sure you could make a website about parrot keeping but I doubt that will make you a lot of money.

Think health, wealth and desperation. That’s my advice!

And even if you know nothing about your niche that doesn’t matter because you can just Google other peoples sites and learn about your niche that way!

5.) My last piece of advice is to never give up. I wrote my first 50 articles and it was a while before I started ranking at the top of Google. It takes time.

So stick with it and don’t give up because before you know it you’ll be ranking and banking too!

6.) Write down your goals and read them 3 times every day. Don’t share these goals or talk about them with anyone.

For example some goals might be..

B* Make $200 per day.
B* Quit job.
B* Buy new mercedes.
B* Pay off debts.
B* Buy Versace suit.
B* Pay off mortgage.

So write down your goals and desires in order of importance. Read them to yourself morning, noon and night and and think about them as often as possible.

They’ll be the reasons that you give the Wealthy Affiliate program your best effort.

This is what I did and I was quite amazed at how fast I started ticking things off and now I have a new list!

Other people’s Wealthy Affiliate results..


So Should You Join The Wealthy Affiliate Program?

So obviously I’m biased because I followed the program and got such great results with it but my advice is to only join if you’re willing to commit to it, follow the tasks set out for you and have a bit of patience.

Riches don’t come overnight and they won’t come without any work.

But if you’re willing to give it a go then I guarantee that you’ll be amazed at how much you learn and how fast you start to see results.

And the Wealthy Affiliate gives you an education and knowledge that you can use for the rest of your life to make money.

The sky’s the limit to how much money you can make!

Good luck and if you have any questions then feel free to ask below!


I’d love to know..

B* What is the one thing you hope to gain from joining the Wealthy Affiliate program.
B* After you become successful what is the one thing you’d love to treat yourself too.
B* And how much money per day would really help to make your life better.

Let me know in the comments below! Thanks for reading 🙂

Oh yeah and click here to create your free Wealthy Affiliate account.

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